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Stray Animals

Stray Animals

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If you notice an injured or unwell cat or dog and are willing and able to safely transport it to us we will start emergency treatment whilst we attempt to contact the owner via microchip records. If the owner cannot be found or if the animal is not microchipped we will liaise with our local council (City of Whittlesea) who have ultimate responsibility for managing pets in our area. If you are not confident that you can safely transport the animal to us contact the council responsible for the area the animal is in for assistance.

If you notice a well stray or wandering animal you will need to contact the council responsible for that area. We are generally unable to accept uninjured cats and dogs on behalf of any council. In circumstances where we do, the animal will always be handed straight on to City of Whittlesea officials. If the animal was not found within the City of Whittlesea this may delay or reduce the chances of the animal being returned to it’s owner.

So in summary: we will always accept and treat injured and unwell stray cats and dogs but do not accept uninjured, well animals as this just delays or reduces the chances of successfully reuniting pet and owner.

To speed the return of your own pet should they wander or become lost, it is critical that you keep the contact details connected with their microchip up to date. If you are looking for a lost pet call the microchip registry to ensure your details are correct as well as the council responsive for the area the pet went missing in as well as surrounding councils. Also call any close by veterinary clinic and consider putting up lost notices in public places as well as letterboxes.

If your pet’s microchip was implanted at any of the Bundoora Veterinary Group clinics their details will have been registered with Central Animal Records who can be contacted on (03) 9706 3187. If the microchip was implanted at any other clinic the appropriate registry can be searched at if you know the microchip number. If you don’t know your pet’s microchip number you can call the clinic which implanted the microchip or have the animal scanned.

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